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Days in the Life of Rich Froning by Sevan Matossian - CrossFit Journal

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May 16, 2012

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Ever wondered what the world’s fittest man does to plan for the Reebok CrossFit Games?

He squats on Monday, presses on Tuesday, deadlifts on Wednesday, presses again on Thursday and squats once more on Friday. And he cleans and snatches heavy twice a week.

“Other than that, just whatever goes,” says Rich Froning, assistant strength coach at Tennessee Tech University.

“I try not to plan out a week or anything, because if I don’t get to it … stresses me out. I think that’s when I get over-trained—is when I’m thinking about it too much.”

As for a coach, there isn’t one.

“Right now, it’s Rich Froning and Dan Bailey—just bouncing ideas off each other.”

Bailey, who finished sixth at last year’s Games, is Froning’s roommate and a strength-and-conditioning graduate assistant at Tennessee Tech.

Although winning the Games again this year would be “amazing” and “awesome,” Froning says it’s not what defines him.

“I don’t have to prove myself to anybody,” says the 24-year-old. “As long as I give everything I have, I feel like I’ve done all that I can.”

Froning says he was so nervous at the 2011 Games he slept a total of nine hours over the three days and probably ate about 2,000 calories.

“The biggest competition is right here,” he says, pointing to his right temple. “Gotta beat that.”

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Additional video: Friendly Competition.

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30 Comments on “Days in the Life of Rich Froning”


wrote …



wrote …

Just great. Wouldn't expect anything less from these dudes!


wrote …

the best part was when he said he had a protein shake, looks at the muscle milk good and hard, then says it was syntha 6. What a good sponsored athlete!


wrote …

That looks like fun!!

Except the workload, that looks like pain.


wrote …

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Do more videos like these. These inspire me as a coach and as an athlete to do more and be better. Thank you Rich and Dan for letting us see your training.


wrote …

The Biggie and Puffy video interlude was classic. LMAO


wrote …

Mo Money, Mo Problems.
Awesome work as always Sevan!
I like the comment from Rich, "I don't know if a CrossFitter would benefit from steroids."
I don't think it would really help that much either, the natural approach to recovery provides a better response they way I see it.


wrote …

So he squats on Monday, presses on Tuesday, deadlifts on Wednesday, presses again on Thursday and squats once more on Friday and he cleans and snatches heavy twice a week? He doesn't follow the crossfit protocol?


wrote …

Does tennessee have a shortage on shirts?


wrote …

Thanks Sevan, that was worth the wait. Great job!


wrote …

Marc what is the protocol? I thought it was as many different exercises "in as many combinations and patterns as creativity will allow?"


replied to comment from MARC THATCHER

Can't tell if serious.


replied to comment from James Galon

or if just a troll


wrote …

My favorite part was when they were playing catch and Rich said at the Games he was gonna take Graham's shirt and hide it on him. Mess with his head a little bit. What a villain!


replied to comment from Josh thiroux

Haha! only a true BB/Fitness Geek would understand:)

Milk...No...No Milk....Milk is For Babies!

good catch Josh


replied to comment from Josh thiroux

The entire video reminded me of "Pumping Iron" from when I was a kid. Then when Rich talks about stealing Dan's shirt it was such a play on Ken Waller stealing Mike Katz' shirt in the movie and totally messing with his head.

Loved watching these guys in their element and seeing not only how much work capacity they can handle but how athletic they are when they play football towards the end. I look forward to seeing where Crossfit goes but these will definitely be the "Golden Years." Fun to be a part of!


wrote …

One thing struck me during this entire These guys are having fun. It's tough to beat someone when they view something as "fun" and others view it as "work".


wrote …

Pat!!! You are soo right! They are workin and improving themselves! Physically, Mentally and Spiritually. Pushing eachother 2 the limit! And having fun doing it!! And they do! That's what it's all about! That's just one of the things that I love about Crossfit! Pushing yourself to be better! The community is so full of Great people and it's so very inspirational! Oh and by the way? They do do some really stupid stuff!! And to Hillary? They are all yours! haha They are dumbass #1 and #2! Dan has moved up on my scale! haha Fron Sr.


wrote …

Rich Froning Jr. and Dan Bailey.... the definition of a CrossFit Bro-mance.


wrote …

WOW! That's a bunch of work throughout the day. It would be interesting to see how much warm-up he does for each WOD... just for curiosity sake. Thanks for the great videos Sevan.


wrote …

SO cool. Thanks for sharing!


There isn't a crossfit protocol.


wrote …

Anyone know what small lifting belt they were using when they're testing the front squat method for chip???



wrote …

Like the song Rich played in his Garage workout..."We were made to be courageous...We were made to make a stand!" Great song and movie to live your life by.
Rich and Dan you're great dudes! I do have an official BROMANCE! LOL


wrote …

Absolutely awesome!! These two are taking things to a new level and enjoying it in the process! Good on ya fella's!


wrote …

Dan Bailey has perfect running form even when running routes! HAha The refrences to Pumping Iron are classic. This video is motivational because I think both of these guys would still train this way even if there was not a Crossfit Games and thats what Crossfit is all about for the Majority. Loving life, living healthy and hanging out with your friends. My Bromance is now official also.


wrote …

Love this so much!!


wrote …

The daily workload is amazing, definitely looked like they are having fun. Training without a rigid structure can be more fun (west side is similar) seems like they have a basic idea do what they want to do on each day and then just make it up on the fly.


replied to comment from Josh thiroux

Do You know it is a scene on the film pumping iron, right ?


wrote …

Yes Gabriel, I was making a funny. I actually found your reply to my comment while I was using the new Google feature to see how many degrees I was from Kevin Bacon. Apparently Ive never appeared in a movie. Weird. Thank you though, for all your advices!

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