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Black Cobra, Fu Manchu, Orchid—just a few of the records in Adrian Bozman’s collection. Acid Witch, though, is his favorite.

“Nobody likes them except me and, like, a couple of my friends,” he says, laughing.

Bozman adds: “I like music, and I like music that people make because it tries to evoke a particular feeling or a mood or mark an event in their life.”

Formerly of Vancouver Island, B.C., the colorful “Boz” is a member of the Level 1 Seminar Staff. As of late last year, he had worked more than 200 Level 1 seminars.

“It’s really cool to see people that are just kinda starting off on their CrossFit experience,” the veteran flowmaster says.

Bozman describes himself as a low-key person who likes to purposely waste time when he can.

“I like to work out in my garage, love my record collection, love rockin’ out,” he says. “That’s it.”

Video by Jason Smith.

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17 Comments on “Meet Adrian Bozman ”


wrote …

Good guy...


EC S wrote …



wrote …

Lifting with Black Cobra (or Pantera)= Your PR + 10 to 20 lbs.


wrote …

Legit. Adrian coached my second ever CF class I took at San Francisco CrossFit. Looked up to him back then and still do very much today.


wrote …

GREAT video Adrian!


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

This video was GREAT!!! It's been a LOOONG time since I connected like this from a Journal Video and Boz is one helluva kick ass Dude

I love how he loves the freedom and lack of structure to a garage gym, like me..... I call that being a SOUL Lifter

Boz has been w/CF for a long time and much respect to him.

I hope to meet him one day, that Dude is a straight up homeboy, ALL day errrrrry day!!

Thanks for the producers of this video, I think U guys rocked the casbah and this one!


wrote …

First, GREAT video work fellas.

Second, Boz, you're just super. Glad to call ya friend.


wrote …

Boz always looked kinda cool to me, through that window that the journal and other vids are to us out here in the rest of the world. Now however, he's like my crossfit superhero.

BTW, just spent a while listening to Acid Witch on youtube. Awesome! How about a monthly Boz Playlist? Any other takers?


wrote …

One of the things that first attracted me to CrossFit was the kick-ass music in those early demo videos. It supplied that element of "this is only exercise but it looks so freakin badass." Eva T. Overhead squats. Roadsaw.

I'm guessing Boz was responsible. If so, thanks dude for setting me down this gnarly path.


wrote …

Brilliant, talented, and humble.

Great video guys.


Joseph Alexander wrote …

Legit; Suitcase is awesome.


wrote …

Bozman the Best!!!


wrote …

Great vid.

How do you get to be a seminar staff?


wrote …

Nice little video. You don't see too many people out there rockin' the vinyl. Makes me want to go to the garage and pull out my few records I have. I can't remember if I got rid of my turntable though. I'll have to dig in the garage for that too.

If I should run into you at the games again. I'll have to ask you where you got that Electra-Glide looking bike. It reminds me of that old Robert Blake movie.

One question...what's up with the Dick Dastardly/Snidely Whiplash looking stache??


wrote …

One of the best coaches i ever meet, and awesome person! Bravo! Great vid!


wrote …

Nice CrossFit South Brooklyn gear you got there!!


wrote …

Adrian Bozman is such a great guy. He is always supportive, plus he enjoyed our challah products. Greetings from Zomick's Bakery Manager at Zomicks Challah Bakery

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