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Beyond $20 an Hour by Emily Beers - CrossFit Journal

Beyond $20 an Hour

By Emily Beers

In Affiliation

August 21, 2014

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Creative affiliate owners find ways to compensate coaches in hopes of creating true fitness professionals.

Most people open gyms because CrossFit changed their lives and they want to use CrossFit to change the lives of others. CrossFit Founder and CEO Greg Glassman often talks about the pursuit of excellence—of virtuosity—as being the foundation of CrossFit.

Providing health is the priority, but achieving some degree of wealth is also important to entrepreneurs. Trainers must buy homes, raise families, travel, save for retirement and so on, and they need to be rewarded for their expertise and their passion for fitness.

Anyone who does CrossFit and has been coached by a knowledgeable trainer knows strength-and-conditioning coaches are similar to massage therapists, occupational therapists, nurses, chiropractors and others in the wider health-care industry: They provide a professional service.

Affiliate owners recognize this, and many believe it’s their responsibility to find creative ways to compensate their trainers as professionals in order to deliver results to clients, retain employees, encourage long-term development and create strong businesses.

Brian Strump, Max Lewin, Jeremy Jones, Ben Bergeron, Darren Ellis and David Paradiso are all affiliate owners interested in turning their CrossFit coaches into true professionals who earn wages that reflect their expertise.

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wrote …

What is up the the commercialized hyperlinks?


wrote …

My new dicover is teke part in a crossfit competition, after that, I palying football in 13th seasons in mexico , then I was a memeber an official swimm team at official school.
now a days I am 432 yaers old, and I am crossfiter, belive in me is the most great thing thaht never happend me!

sincerily thanks Mr Glassman!...

Sergio Sampayo
greathings from mexico!...

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