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Born to Ride by Laura Bruner - CrossFit Journal

Born to Ride

By Laura Bruner

In Equipment, Kids

September 04, 2015

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Parents use an old invention to fill the gap between training wheels and the freedom of two wheels.

Learning to ride a bike is an important rite of passage for a child, but it can be a challenging process for both the child and the parent.

Children often move from tricycles to bicycles with training wheels and then make the big jump to a bike without training wheels. The distance between the last two stages is great, and many parents approach it with understandable trepidation and hesitation, as many remember the first time a parent’s hand left the seat of their bike and they promptly lost their balance and crashed.

Balance bikes—and old concept with a new application—are now making the transition much easier and safer.

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wrote …

One of the best times as a father was teaching my kids to ride. I used the methods in the article but never took the cranks off the bike. I had my kids coast down the driveway to me. I'd catch them at the bottom, so they had to look ahead to where I was which forces good position. When kids get scared they look at the ground next to the bike which messes up their balance and makes falling inevitable. As they got better I'd walk sideways so they had to steer, then finally I'd challenge them to make the turn onto the sidewalk. It also helps your kids build trust - "I will always catch you," and get a life lesson: you need to look ahead and you'll keep going, look to fall and falling becomes inevitable.

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