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The CrossFit Kids Startup Curriculum by Jon Gary and Todd Widman - CrossFit Journal

The CrossFit Kids Startup Curriculum

By Jon Gary and Todd Widman

In Coaching, Kids

November 25, 2015

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The “CrossFit Kids Startup Curriculum” is to be used in conjunction with the information provided at the CrossFit Kids Trainer Course. The document contains two months of programming for each age group. While the “Training Guide” directly supports the CrossFit Kids Trainer Course and program, the goal of the “CrossFit Kids Startup Curriculum” is to provide programming that allows trainers to more easily start a new program or enhance an existing one. This curriculum is also designed to serve as a resource, assisting you in integrating aspects from the CrossFit Kids Trainer Course into classes every day.

The programming presented here was developed by the CrossFit Kids Staff and field-tested in gyms across the country. The 10 foundational movements of the CrossFit Kids program will be covered in a compressed fashion while still adhering to their age-appropriate inclusion; the intention is to provide a broad base of capability and capacity over the course of two months. Ideally, each of the foundational skills—introduced here for one week—will subsequently be the focus in a four-to-six-week period.

CrossFit understands the potential of this program is not limited to CrossFit affiliates around the world; the program is and can be a very effective addition to physical-education (PE) classes. To that end, the “CrossFit Kids Startup Curriculum” also contains information relevant to the scholastic setting. The expectations we have for the individuals in the various age ranges are consistent and overlap with standards put forth by the National Association of Sport and Physical Education (NASPE). Skill inclusion and assessments may be further honed depending on specific state requirements.

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Robert Gillingham wrote …

Thank you! As an affiliate owner, we work long and hard to create the best for our Kids and Teens. You just made our lives that much better by providing this startup programming. Thanks again.


wrote …

How high (how many centimeters) should a child 7 years old jump to a plyometric platform?

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