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Defense Never Rests by Tim Pipes - CrossFit Journal

Defense Never Rests

By Tim Pipes

In Combatives, CrossFit Defense, LEO/Mil

January 09, 2016

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Tim Pipes explains how CrossFit Defense prepares athletes to stay alert, cultivate the warrior mindset and respond to threats.

One-on-one human violence: It’s often up close and personal, overwhelmingly uncomfortable, brutally intense, and devastatingly traumatic. Many prefer to imagine violence doesn’t exist, but make no mistake about it: Evil and violence are real, and complacency and denial are useless when we experience violence by chance or by choice of profession.

I don’t make these statements to frighten, intimidate or discourage. I only want you to ponder your preparedness when it comes to personal protection and self-defense.

“Who cares how much you deadlift if you’re dead?” is the provocative question CrossFit Defense founder Tony Blauer often asks.

We all understand how warriors demand the most from themselves and must maintain exceptional fitness for operational/mission readiness. That is why we love CrossFit. But let’s be honest: No amount of physical, fitness or tactical training can prepare an individual for a real one-on-one violent attack.

“Elite fitness doesn’t guarantee your safety,” Blauer has said.

Enter CrossFit Defense—the study of human movement as it relates to violence, fear and aggression for the CrossFit athlete.

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2 Comments on “Defense Never Rests”


wrote …

Are Crossfit Boxes supposed to discriminate/refuse service from the disabled,recovering alcoholics/addicts,Type 2 Diabetic, and sexually abused who are looking for an outlet to transform themselves physically and mentally? After the Athlete offered the Box's Owner/s a chance to talk to their Doctor/s and share medical records to determine if they're fit enough Physically and Mentally to participate in Crossfit Training(Owner/s declined to take that opportunity), and so the Owner's could see if they could adapt or accommodate.


replied to comment from Jason Lee

Why would anyone refuse another who is asking for an opportunity to improve? Just remember, the reasons behind the choices we make describes who we are.

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