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The CrossFit Journal is a fitness, health and lifestyle publication dedicated to the improvement of athletic performance and quality of life. The searchable Journal archives run from April 2002 to the present and contain over 3,100 high-quality PDF articles, videos and audio files covering diverse topics including exercise technique, nutrition, injuries and rehab, equipment, coaching, and much more.

The CrossFit Journal provides a forum for elite coaches and athletes and fitness professionals from around the world, as well as beginners, new athletes and people simply looking to improve their health and fitness. All are welcome to discuss the articles in our comments section, where members of our community offer advice and collectively advance the science of fitness and performance.

New material is published on a daily basis, with the CrossFit Media Team traveling the world to provide exclusive coverage of special events and stories. Top trainers and coaches present their ideas, and everyone is welcome to submit articles and videos of interest to the community.

The CrossFit Journal is the modern manual of fitness and health.

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Recommended Reading

The first three issues were seminal articles that originally defined CrossFit.
What is Fitness
The Garage Gym

Three of Coach Glassman’s letters to trainers:
Professional Training
Scaling Professional Training

Three beginner’s articles:
A Beginner’s Guide to CrossFit
A CrossFit Startup Guide 1
A CrossFit Startup Guide 2

Welcome to the Journal 3.0 is a more in-depth look at the new format.
The Retrospective takes a broad look back over six years of the CrossFit Journal.
The CrossFit category has dozens of articles on all aspects of CrossFit.
The Classic category is an informal collection of staff favorites.

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